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Thank you for your interest in the Edmonton Expo!

You too can tap into the excitement that is Edmonton Expo! As our partner, we will work with you to create activations geared to maximize your engagement, attract loyal fans & increase market share.

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The success of your business is reliant on being at the right place, at the right time and in front of the right audience. The Edmonton Expo can get you there. Here’s how:


On-Site Presence:

  • Custom Exhibit Space
  • Custom Panel Screenings & Creation
  • Zone Takeover (Family Zone, Green Room, VIP Lounge, Volunteer Crew, Charging Stations)
  • Celebrity Sponsorships/ Appearances
  • Displays Throughout Show Floor
  • Live Demonstrations
  • On-Site Sampling
  • Exclusive Sales Rights    
  • Swag Bag Inserts    
  • Event Sponsorship



Digital Exposure:

  • Pre-Panel Commercial/ Video Trailers
  • Website Ads
  • Social media Promotion
  • eBlasts
  • Digital Signage Throughout Show Floor



Brand Saturation:

  • Theatre Naming Rights
  • Lanyard/ Badge Branding
  • Ticket Takeover
  • Volunteer Shirt Takeover
  • Pillar Wraps/ Signage
  • Signage Takeover (All Thruways/ Entrance Areas)
  • Show Map Back Cover
  • Sponsored After Party


Increase Foot Traffic with the Expo Passport Contest

Expect a steady stream of people coming to your booth when you become an Expo Passport Destination. Fans will approach you to collect their unique stamp for a chance to win amazing prizes. This is your golden opportunity to promote your brand, educate them about your products or services, and collect their information for future use!

Maximize Exposure Through Pre-Panel Commercials

Well attended, and often with standing room only, Expo Celebrity Guest Panels provide the perfect opportunity for you to share you digital message with a captive audience at the height of their excitement!

Increase Sales with a Powerful Call to Action

The Expo Program Guide is read cover to cover and kept as a keepsake of this wonderful event. Your well placed ad featuring your products or services help you stand out from the other 800+ Exhibitors, informs attendees as to what you are selling and most importantly, where to find you.

Expand Your Reach with Social Media Promotion

Tap into the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ and SnapChat and reach over 70,000 fans anytime of the year with the help of Edmonton Expo social media channels. We will work with you to create a social media campaign designed to increase awareness and engagement so that you can meet your goals.


We will do our very best to help you exceed your expectations.

We will invest our resources and creativity to give you maximum exposure and make this experience one of the most profitable investments you have ever made.


Advertising: Digital, Social Media, and Showguide

Rea Hailley: