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Our resident cheeky fan-cat poses questions and opposing arguments to spark debate.

Welcome back to Cat Fight! It is I, the infamous and iconic, Chattermouth the Cat back again with an exciting (and controversial) question in the world of pop culture for you non-felines to consider. Let’s begin.

QUESTION:Alas, over the last two decades, animated sci-fi film Titan A.E. has grown to become a beloved cult favourite in movie circles. On the year of its 20th anniversary, I wonder: Is Titan A.E. an underrated classic?

YES --We take it for granted now, but animated movies outside of the realm of Disney AND with grown up themes were in relatively short stock. Titan A.E. was one of the first big studio ventures to capture that audience in the theatre. With its startling introduction of Earth destroyed, it showed a future where humanity fails to protect its home-- a topic that is all too relevant now. More importantly, it keeps its pace fast and fun while never losing the heart of the main character’s quest not only for the world but his relationship with his now-gone father. By no means is it perfect, but it stands the test of time as a fun and original spin on the sci-fi, post apocalyptic genre. We could use more original and brand new ideas these days.

NO -- Being one of the first to do something innovative doesn’t guarantee a hit. Titan A.E. is part of an attempt to make animated films for an older audience; it had noble intentions with an interesting premise. With that said, the lore and universe is pretty standard and is not so grand or striking in comparison to many other great (or not so great) Star Wars-influenced movies. The reality is that it is simply just a fine movie. Nothing more nothing less. It's not uncommon to find solid films that weren’t appreciated while inferior projects go on to have great success. On its 20th Anniversary Titan A.E. deserves a second look -- but let's not go overboard here.

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