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We put out the call out for fans to create their own iconic comic with theme ‘New World.’ Check out the winning design by Turner Huston and a few of our other top picks.

Turner Huston is a father of two and middle school math and reading teacher. In his free time, he creates art and comics, which have been his passions for most of his life. A longtime fan of Marvel, especially a certain waterfowl, Turner likes making jokes that aren’t funny, and is always trying to find something new to write and draw about. He is accustomed to pencil and ink and has recently started incorporating watercolors into his work. He has created a few comics independently, including his collection of anti-jokes. He also collaborates with others, primarily doing the art for stories, such as his work on Tex Arkana. His work can be found in many issues of One Page Stinkers, a local comic anthology available in Portland. As part of Gentleman & Scholar Comics, he is becoming a regular at local conventions and always willing to create unique commissions.
Joey Santiago is an 18 year old cartoonist. At around 5 years old, he got bit by the cartoon bug, then for many years proceeded to continuously draw at any possible opportunity, and now seeks to get into the animation industry with a pencil and some pens in his right hand, and some sheets of paper in his left hand. Whether he'd be sketching sketchpads or painting plastic animation cels, Cartoons will always have a place in Mr. Santiago's heart and soul.

My name is Rebecca De Waele, I am a graphic designer for a local newspaper company and illustrator (for fun) and a huge fan of Fan Expo. I enjoy anime, comics, video games, cosplay and many other things. If anyone wants to check out my artwork, I'm known as "still-a-fan" on Deviantart or "De Waele Graphics" on Facebook.


My name is Gabriel Rodriguez aka ManBeast Art! My art is inspired primarily by horror, and fantasy genres. Pen and ink are my joys. I’ve worked hard to develop my style. I don’t give myself limits on anything to draw. My tools are anything from a calligraphy pen to a computer. I’m currently going to school to advance my talents. I work and study hard to create the best art pieces possible. I’m always learning. I will push my talent for all generations to enjoy.

Hi. My name is Jim Couture. I create comics alongside my cocreator Turner Huston as part of Gentleman & Scholar Comics. I work mostly with traditional media. My notable works are Etienne, The Goose Canadien, and The Punchin' Bag, which is available on comiXology. The easiest way to follow me is on Twitter.

Ty Templeton

Ty Templeton has been writing and drawing comics for more than twenty-five years, working on Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the Avengers, Justice League, Howard the Duck, Mad Magazine, Star Trek and many others properties. He also teaches script writing and illustration in Toronto, where he lives with his wife, four children and three cats.

Kevin A. Boyd

Kevin is the Senior Comics Lead for Fan Expo HQ. He is the co-founder and Director of the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards. He is the owner of the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery, formerly a retail shop in downtown Toronto. In the past he was the Director of the CGC Signature Series program and an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Advisor. He is a comics and comic art collector, fan, historian and used to make his own comics when he was much younger.

Constance Katsafanas

Constance joined the Fan Expo team in 2016 as a Comics Coordinator bringing with her over 15 years of convention experience. She is a lifelong comics fan and collector of both comics and original art. As someone who doesn't produce art of her own, she sees working on the convention side of comics as her way to contribute to the industry she loves so much. She is founder and owner of Convention Squirrel LLC and does her best to bring the incredible experiences to creators and fans.